Hello There!

I am a PhD student, a Coder, a Gamer, and an Experiencer.

About Me

My name is Shi Yin.

I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

I work in Electronic Visualization Laboratory.

My re­search interests include Visualization, Virtual Reality and Video Games.

My advisor was Prof. Jason Leigh and now is Prof. Andrew Johnson.

Before coming to the U.S., I received my Bachelor's Degree in Information and Computation Science at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2011.

I'm a typical Sagittarius. My largest interest lies in playing video games. I also do sports, watch movies, read books, and experience anything good in the world.

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email: syin8 a uic d edu


My skill set includes: C/C++, Python, OpenGL, GLSL, Processing, SQL, Qt/QML, OpenCL, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. For full list of my projects (except this website), visit here


"I am a gamer. Not because I don't have a life, but because I choose to have many."


Since the end of 2013, my focus has turned to playing games on my new Xbox One.
Games I am currently playing include Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, which is also the first game that I am trying to unlock 100% achievements, NBA 2K14, which I am casually, and Call of Duty Ghosts, which I still cannot play well using controller. I miss the days I played Battlefield 3 on my PC.


I started to play video games when I was very young. We used DOS at that time. So I barely remember early games I played.
I played a variety of games, from AAA titles to indie games.
I played different type of games, FPS, RPG, action, sports, strategy, etc.
I played games from both West and East.


Playing with real people is a totally different experience from playing the campaigns. I started playing multiplayer in 2009, after I purchased Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 from overseas. It was also the first time I knew Steam. It changed my life. (Yes, I partially mean those 60+ in my undergraduate transcripts.)
After I came to the U.S., I played Battlefiled 3 until DOTA 2 came out.

| Steam ID: joysowrd

| Xbox Live gamertag: JustLyn


I built a new blog at the beginning of 2014 using Jekyll, with the help of bootstrap. It helped me focus on the content (i.e. my writing), instead of other miscellaneous tasks needed to get things done when I was using the cumbersome wordpress.

Chinese Blog

My Chinese blog focuses on a variety of subjects, my thought in midnights, my translation of interesting stuff, my memo of little tricks in life, etc.

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English Blog

I post technical stuff in my English blog. Articles include but not limited to summaries of research papers, technical tricks and memos, translations.

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