Welcome to the homepage of my first project in Fall 2012 Semester, Electric Avenue, project 1 of Professor Andy Johnson's Visualization course.

Course website is at http://www.evl.uic.edu/aej/424/index.html

Fig.1 Overview of the interface

As the first application using Processing, the purpose of the project are:


The basic idea of this project is to grab several data sets related to energy of the world (inclulding total primary energy production, total primary energy consumption, total carbon dioxide emissions from the consumption of Energy and total renewable electricity generation) and provide several important and interesting manupilation means such as choosing a country or a region, comparing countries, comparing data sets, relating local data to global data, choosing a range of years to view, checking raw data as a table, cluster the data by decade, etc.

Mission Accomplished

be able to view any of the data setsY
choose which data set through a convenient interface to view for the entire time rangeY
see the data in graphical and tabular formY
see data as totals, per-capita, and percentagesY
be able to pick a country or region and see the data for that country or region and how it relates to the totalY
select countries or regions by typing their name with intelligent help (filtering, auto-complete)Y
help screen and author credits screenY
compare two or more countries or regions for the same data setY
compare two or more data sets for the same country or regionY
cluster the data by decade Y
choose a range of years to viewY
select regions from a mapY
create an onscreen keyboard for text entryY
deal intelligently with countries that form or break upY
integrate population data since 1980Y
integrate international events that may affect this data to look for correlationsY
discuss five interesting findings or evidence to support conclusions using the interfaceY