Welcome to the homepage of Group 8's second project of CS424 at UIC in Fall 2012 Semester, Monster Mash.

Course website is at http://www.evl.uic.edu/aej/424/index.html

Team members of group 8 are: Claudio Caletti, Giorgio Cavaggion, Shi Yin.

As the second application and first group project of CS424, the purpose of this project are:


Fig.1 Overview of the timeline interface

The basic idea of this project is to grab massive data from Internet Movie Database and use them as recourse to visualize movies about a variety of monsters and visualize monsters in movies, providing multiple options to user.

User can selecting (zero or one) of a variety of monsters and (zero or one) genre of movie and one of six filters we created. Data will be automatically clustered by different levels/categories for each filter.

User will also be able to select a range of time to view, see raw data in tabular form, cluster the data by decade and check top 10 monsters for decades and overall.

Fig.2 Overview of the taxonomy interface

Besides this multi-functional timeline, we also created a fantastic monster taxonomy page to let users to focus on particular monsters rather than movies. User can drag monster nodes and open information panel for each monster or monster group.

Fig.3 Overview of the movie interface

The third part of our app is movie page where user can check information about movies, just like at IMDb.

Mission Accomplished

overall timeline with good color coding scheme and intuitive interface menu allowing the user to query type of monster, genre, format, quality, and popularity data, showing one set of data at a timenot color blind safe, but unsafe colors are not in adjacent level(i.e. something in between can somewhat let user distinguish unsafe colors
tabular version of data shown in the timelineY
help screen and author credits screenY
fully functional with intuitive touch interface running on the full classroom wallworks fine, and no control that are too high to touch
interactive timeline (being able to choose a range of dates)Y
cluster timeline data by decadeY
cluster monsters by some intelligent scheme that your group comes up withsee taxonomy
ability to compare multiple combinations of data simultaneouslysee all clusters at once and compare between two different filters
integrate country of origin data into the timeline allowing visualization and filteringY
start with sample interesting/fun/useful starter queries for the userY
show top 10 monster types per decade and overallaccess via pop-up menu in timeline
ability to search for a particular film by name with intelligent help (filtering, auto-complete)Y
common keyword, genre, country of origin, budget level, format, certificates, quality, visualization for a given monster or combination of monstersY
be able to get information on particular films that make up the current graph (e.g. name plus all of the information you can search on)N
integrate inflation and currency adjusted budget data into the timeline allowing visualization and filteringY
integrate US certificates (G, PG etc) into the timeline allowing visualization and filteringY
add a second language to the interface (UI elements, monster types, genres, country of origin).Y
integrate events that may affect this data to look for correlationsaccess via pop-up menu
discuss five interesting findings or evidence to support conclusions using the interfacesee findings page