University of Illinois at Chicago

Overall GPA: 3.37

Fall 2013

CS 526 - Computer Graphics II

CS 501 - Computer Algorithms II

Spring 2013

CS 590 - Research Methods in Computer Science

Seminars about different aspects in Computer Science researches,

including: research in UIC; literature search; literature reading; paper writing; paper review; human subjects in research; statistical methods; etc.

Fall 2012

CS 424 - Visualization and Visual Analytics

4 Hours. This course focuses on scientific, information, and medical visualization, starting from proper use of tables and charts, through interactive visualizations to aid in analysis of large datasets.

This year the topic was about visualization on large display.

I did 4 projects for this course.

CS 522 Human-Computer Interaction

4 Hours. The computer-user interface: media, languages, interaction techniques, user modeling. Human factors in software development. Theory, experimental methods, evaluation, tools. Project required.

Spring 2012

CS 422 - User Interface Design and Programming

2 projects

CS 480 - Database Systems

place holder

CS 525 - GPU Programming

3 projects and 1 paper presentation and a final project

Fall 2011

CS 401 - Computer Algorithms I

Fundamental and important

CS 440 - Software Engineering I


CS 488 - Computer Graphics I


University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Overall GPA: 3.45 (84/100)


Mathematical Analysis 数学分析

Advanced Algebra 高等代数

Analytic Geometry 解析几何

Discrete Mathematics 离散数学

C language C语言

Object Oriented Programming Design 面向对象程序设计


Numerical Analysis 数值分析

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics 概率论与数理统计

Ordinary Differential Equations 常微分方程

Data Structure 数据结构

College Physics 大学物理

Mathematics Modeling 数学建模

Principle and Application of Database 数据库原理与应用

Modern Algebra 近世代数


Functions of a Complex Variable 复变函数

Optimization Methods 最优化方法

Functions of Real Variables 实变函数

Computer Operating System 计算机操作系统

Computer Graphics 计算机图形学

Graph Theory and Combinatorial Mathematics 图论与组合数学

Functional Analysis 泛函分析

Software Engineering 软件工程


Game Planning and Deign 游戏策划与设计